About us

Welcome to TailgatePlanet.com! With over 20 years of tailgate, festival, and sports travel experience, we are your greatest resource for the true "FAN" experience before a game!

Now, we know some of you might enjoy pulling up their vehicle, opening up the trunk, pulling out chairs, cooking food (they spent all night preparing), cracking open beer (that can be a challenge to keep cold), and begging the RV next to you when nature calls on "number 2!" That said, we streamlined & handle all this for you! At minimum, every 3-4 hour tailgate offers the following: (check your cty's menu to confirm exact offerings)

Unlimited Alcoholic Beverages

Domestic Beer & Alternate Beverages (such as Vodka, Well Drinks, House Wine, or Margaritas

Unlimited Tailgate Buffet

All tailgates will have at least 3 meats and 3 sides. Sorry, we cannot guarantee Vegan or Gluten Food menu items.

Bathroom Access

Unlimited use of proper bathrooms - many times these are temperature controlled!

Incredible Fun!

Above all, expect nothing less than an amazing time, great value, and memorable experience with friends.